Admira DHES is committed to bringing ‘Clean Green Energy Solutions‘ to companies around the globe.  ADHES is constantly innovating and bringing the most effective energy solutions to our clients.  We are currently working on two hydrogen projects for the production and utilization of Green Hydrogen:


Biological Hydrogen Production from Sugar and Carbohydrate rich liquid effluent system:

  • The patent pending integrated waste to energy system comprises both novel Bio-Hydrogenator reactor with a gravity settler, followed by a conventional anaerobic digestor (Bio-Methanator) for production of first hydrogen and second Methane.
  • The hydrogen yield has been drastically increased to 95% of 3.4molH2/mol Hexose.
  • The methane yield approached a maximum value of 426mlCH4/gCOD with an overall chemical oxygen demand removal efficiency of 94%.
  • The hydrogen and Methane Gas clean–up and Power Generating systems are being implemented throughout the project with Green field Ethanol in Chatham, Ontario, and the project has the potential to generate up to 50 MW of power.
  • ADHES possess expertise in Gas clean-up and Hydrogen compression and supply systems.


  • Novel Hydrogen production system using plasma discharge from Natural Gas.
  • ADHES and partner companies 1008 Energy, Atlantic Hydrogen and Cetane Technologies are working to develop a novel Plasma process to separate natural gas to Carbon black and large volumes of Hydrogen. The hydrogen will be used for upgrading waste oil to synthetic diesel.
  • The process will produce the lowest cost hydrogen and reduce carbon dioxide emission by three times from SMR plants and by thirteen times compared with Electrolysis plants. As well, the capital cost will also be lower.

Based on the above two hydrogen production technologies, an integrated Energy generation system and regeneration by distributed hybrid energy systems will be developed. Our Research and Development team are working on enhanced energy storage solutions using D.C. currents.


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