Admira DHES Inc. is committed to providing Solar Thermal and Solar PV customized solutions in a hybrid mode.  ADHES’s aim is to achieve Grid Parity or even better on total life cycle cost as compared to the traditional modes of Power Generation.
The off grid potential of Rural Electrification, Irrigation systems, supplemental and replacement Diesel Generator Power, Telecommunications has a 20GW market potential.
ADHES’ partnership with  the University of Western Ontario offers us a tremendous competitive advantage while we currently develop a new generation design for a concentrated “Solar hybrid solution” which will soon enter the market.

Admira DHES Inc. has many projects in the pipeline and below are a few:

  • ADHES will commence building a MW scale CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) crude heating solution for the OIL AND GAS CORPORATION OF INDIA. (ONGC) and small to Medium power plants in Canada and USA.
  • A Hybrid power plant is being developed for a Biogas facility in London, Ontario.
  • ADHES will implement the above unique Hybrid Energy Generation system in a phased manner with the highest Return on Capital employed (ROCE), minimizing the risk on the investment.
  • ADHES proposes to implement a similar project in Rajasthan, India.
  • ADHES is building a new high performance concentrated Solar Thermal-Bio-Mass Pyrolysis reactor at the Institute for Chemicals and fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR).

Admira DHES Inc. possess skilled professionals who are dedicated to bringing the latest Solar technology to improve operating efficiency while ensuring solutions have a positive impact on the “NEGATIVE CARBON footprint

                                                    LET US “GREEN AND CLEAN YOUR POWER BILL” 

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