Wind technology is growing in popularity and Admira DHES Inc., is poised to offer companies the best turbine solutions to reduce their Energy bill.
Our turbine prototype was time-tested in India in partnership with C-WET in Madras which proves conclusive results. ADHES is constantly improving on the Niharika Wind Turbine Prototype, as we are committed to bringing technological solutions to help companies optimize their energy consumption. The Turbine will be tested at the University of Western Ontario, as it boasts one of the largest wind tunnel in Canada.  A full Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis of the turbine profile Geometry enables optimal efficiency for low wind speed design.
The Turbine prototype testing is performed at a wind Farm site in Ontario.Ontario has one of the most favorable policy for Clean Energy Research and Tariff.
Design, Simulation and Testing of the prototype Niharika Turbines, two 10KW turbines, will provide a Green Data Centre for the police disaster management group in London, Ontario.
ADHES endeavours to recover the cost of the research and prototype design through this practical demonstration project.
The project will be lead by ADMIRA DISTRIBUTED HYBRID ENERGY SYSTEMS INC.(ADHES) in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario, MV and Associates Corp, London.
  • All Intellectual Property rights to commercialize will be held by ADHES and the Aurobindo Society.
  • ADHES will market the New Turbine through its offering of Hybrid Energy systems to clients in India, Canada, US and world wide.
  • Aurobindo Society will derive royalties from such project on mutually agreed terms.
  • ADHES and Aurobindo society are seeking to raise Sixty Five-Eighty  Lakhs Indian Rupees for this venture which will translate into equity in ADHES on mutually agreed terms.
  • The sum could also be advanced as a loan for 6-8 Years at 4-6% interest PA.
ADHES and UWO will leverage this funding to obtain further matching additional funding from Canadian and Indian research funding agencies to commercialize the Niharika prototype. Which is integral to the Business Plan of ADHES.  ADHES has already provided the seed funding to start the project and is talking to established player RRB in Wind Turbine manufacturing sector to take the project further.

The Niharika turbine will provide a unique solution to the low wind speed site domain.

The project cost will be recovered through the implementation of Hybrid power plants of 10KW and larger sizes up to 50KW ranges in a scaled modular manner, and will cooperate with existing manufacturers on Build own operate and Build own transfer basis for larger modules in the 240KW-600KW range, as a second phase project. Such discussions have been initiated with large wind turbine manufacturer RRB in Chennai.
ADHES will recover its investment by implementing 5 N.o.s. Hybrid Energy Projects in the 10KW-50KW ranges in Canada including the first two 10KW units in SW Ontario, USA and India. ADHES aims at delivering a Return on Investment on the equity of 15-20%.
The Hybrid power plants will be integrated with Hydrogen storage and regeneration of Electricity and will target the Data-Centre and Telecom Cell Tower market in the 2-50KW range; in addition to the retail marketing of distributed power generation both grid connected and off grid.
The Niharika wind turbine will work at low wind speeds and therefore will have a ready market in India. ADHES is confident of growing sales 20% PA.
The positive environmental impact in terms of reduction of emissions and noise from Diesel Generating sets will be immense and are being quantified through the feasibility study and project implementation in South West Ontario Green Data Centre of the first 2n.o.s 10KW units.
With secured funding and strong partnerships, ADHES is poised to bringing Clean and Green Energy Solutions to companies around the world.

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