Mission and Objective

Admira DHES‘ objective is to generate 20% of a company’s energy requirements through renewable technologies. This will reduce carbon emissions, reduce water consumption and promote energy independence, with the opportunity of creating more green jobs. Admira DHES also provides innovative water usage solutions through recycling and purifying, employing cutting edge high purity ozone technologies.

 Admira DHES Inc, was founded by Sujit Sengupta, an experienced professional engineer with advanced postgraduate degrees in electrical engineering and a masters in technology management from IIT Kharagpur, India, with over twenty five years of international work experience this combination has ideally positioned him to lead Admira to great heights. Sujit has worked on various multinational engineering projects which include process plant design and special construction projects. His twent five years of professional experience is an assett in successfully leading his team. Sujit’s focus is on “Helping Companies Green and Clean Their Power Bills.” and to contribute in lessening the carbon foot print impact on our planet.

Admira’s Core Competence and Strengths:

  • Detailed Design and Engineering of Process Plants. Project implementation, operation and maintenance of chemical,  renewable, and fossil fuel hybrid power and metallurgical plant safety, Health and Environmental Services, Team leadership and consulting.
  • Expertise on Quality, Validation, and Six Sigma Safety Health and Environment.
  • Industrial gas applications in environmental processes like oxygen enrichment and ozone effluent treatment in pulp and paper industry. 
  • Areas covered – process control and automation, project management, erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of process plants together with total Quality Management and ISO Auditing.
  • Designed unique Distributed Hybrid Clean Energy Systems
  • Engineering, project management, design and construction.
  • Design and construction of Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Hybrid Power Plants with Energy Storage Design. (Enhanced Low temperature gaseous Hydrogen storage and Thermal Storage.
  • Environmental compliance and dispersion modeling
  • HAZOP /FMEA of Process plants
  • Safety and quality program implementation
  • Design and Safety Engineering deliverable of New Projects
  • Project Management of Multidisciplinary Projects
  • Process Engineering Design.
  • Energy transfer systems and power plant design.
  • Six Sigma in Engineering and Manufacturing Environment.
  • Lead Facilitator of HAZOP Studies.
  • Expertise on Environmental Compliance and Environmental Modeling
  • Trouble-shooting cryogenic and non cryogenic air separation units, power plants and Ozone plants in North America ranging from 50 TPD to 2000 TPD
  • Process optimization, process design and Process optimization of Cogeneration plants
  • Risk mitigation and management in Cryogenic air separation unit through rigorous auditing and use of technology management skills in order to de-bottleneck the plant and implemented hydrocarbon safety procedures and processes.
  • Validation of plants and processes to medical regulations
  • Expert on Medical Validation of Facilities for FDA regulations in Canada and U.S.A.
  • Practiced KAEZEN, JIT, and Six Sigma techniques
  • Project engineering and implementation
  • Erection and commissioning of air separation plants and their quality control, including those using advanced sieve technology based air separation.
  • Design of 130 MW power generation plant using clean coal technologies.
  • 1000TPD Oxygen plant including operations, process design, and maintenance.
  • Air Separation Unit production and maintenance, liquid Oxygen, liquid Nitrogen and liquid Argon supply systems.
  • Operation and maintenance of gas driven turbo compressors & gas turbine power plant .
  • Commissioned Liquefied petroleum gas, crude stabilization unit, cogeneration plant.
  • Power Generating Plants and Waste heat Recovery boiler, vapour absorption machines.
  • Clean fuel and hydrogen technology-implemented design, operation, erection and commissioning hydrogen plants and synthetic Diesel Plants
  • Application of Ozone and Oxygen in water treatment
  • Project implementation of Clean Hybrid Power Generation Systems

ADMIRA has strong focus on Research and Development in the field of “Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Applications” through its sister company, General Hydrogen Corporation, located in the US. As well, our partnership with the University of Western Ontario positions Admira at the forefront of technology, offering solutions to help companies Clean and Green Their Energy Bill.

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      The Team

          Ranjana Sengupta, President & CEO

Ranjana is  also the co-founder of ADMIRA DHES and a teacher/entrepreneur running a successful Business with a Turnover of $600K USD and delivering an ROI of >30%. She lives with her Husband and two daughters in Toronto.

         Viwek Vaidya, Director

Viwek is a Metallurgist of International repute with over forty years of experience in World Leading companies in the field of Metal fabrication and is responsible for the development of automatic and Cost effective solar dish manufacturing technologies

         Rakesh Bhardwaj, Director

Rakesh runs a successful public listed company in India with an annual turnover of 4MM$USD in the field of Renewables and Industrial Gases, Bhagwati Gas. He will lead the India Business Development effort.

          Prof George Nakhla

Principal Researcher and Professor is Leading the Bio-Hydrogen Research effort at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada in partnership with AdmiraDHES

          Prof Franco Buretti

Principal Researcher  and Professor is Leading the Solar Pyrolysis Research effort at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, in partnership with AdmiraDHES

          Ramesh Natesan, CFO

Ramesh has over 35 years experience as CEO and CFO of various companies in the US, Europe and Asia. He was a  Partner Asia Pacific with Unisys, Director at McKinsey, Director of the Strategy practice of Accenture in Asia, Managing Director of Chinadotcom ( NASDAQ: CDC), as well as VP & Gen. Manager at US Interactive ( a listed NASDAQ company in the internet space).  Additionally, he spent 14 years in Industry with Umetco where he became, VP Corporate Development.

He holds Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Eng from University of Madras India, MBA from New York , has completed Strategic Marketing from the Harvard Business School. He is a graduate of Stanford Business School’s Stanford Executive Program for Senior Management. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, a daughter and son

        David Hobbs, Director of Business Development & Special Projects, (Northern Ontario)  

David has worked in the mining industry for 30 years and has extensive knowledge of Converter’s, Electric Static Precipitator’s, Process & off gas Flue systems and stacks.
David has led team’s, on High-profile projects that were specific to lowering emissions and carbon footprints for the mining industry in Canada.He lives in Espanola Ontario.

 Keith Rozario, Director, Business Development, Americas, Asia pacific,Africa & the Middle East.

An experienced Business Development Consultant with over a decade in the management consulting and banking sectors. Keith has interfaced with multi-industry leadership on strategic performance issues and best practices with companies in the U.S. and Canadian business landscape. He will be focusing on markets in the Americas, Asia pacific, Africa, and the Middle east. He lives with his wife and son in Toronto.

Satish Kochhar,(CE) Principal. India. is a Graduate in Chemical Engineering from I.I.T Bombay,He also holds a Master’s degree in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations He is a Fellow of the Institution Of Engineers (India)

Director & COO at Air Liquide India P.Ltd. since 1996. He has lead functions like market development, operations,safety, Project  Planning & execution. He was instrumental in the takeover of a sick Indian firm and turned it into a successful venture. This led to Air Liquide’s investment in new industrial gas plants at multi-locations in India. He is widely travelled in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and USA.

        ” THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS” email:[email protected]