Hybrid Energy Solutions

To bring the best possible Hybrid Energy Solutions to the market place, ADMIRA DHES formed a strategic partnership with the University of Western Ontario, to:

  • Develop Concentrated Solar Thermal Solutions. 
  • Combined Cycle Heating and Cooling. 
  • Develop Electric Power Generation.

Our partnership with the University of Western Ontario positions Admira favourably in the industrial and agricultural sectors. It is estimated that the Industrial and Agricultural markets will be valued at a few billion dollars over the next five years.

ADMIRA DHES has various projects underway in Ontario, Canada, the U.S. and abroad. The technologies and systems developed in these projects are the cornerstone of ADMIRA DHES’ success .

The total value of all current projects undertaken by Admira is $10-20M US.  Admira DHES strives to bring innovative products and services to the market place, giving Admira an advantage over its competition. One of our missions is to introduce technologies which will reduce the use of fossil fuel and carbon footprint, thereby staying focused on our company mission to, ” Green and Clean Your Electric Bill”.




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