ADHES is a company focused on hybrid renewable energy systems with a particular interest in green hydrogen solutions. ADHES has specialized expertise in Cryogenics and Electrical and Safety systems.
The company has carried out ground breaking research in the generation of hydrogen from solid and liquid effluents. The company focuses on Green Hydrogen Solutions, with one of its pioneering projects being a green hydrogen refueling project for California’s Light Rail Transit system.
With its focus on cryogenics, ADHES is developing an integrated liquefier for both hydrogen and oxygen. This system is ideally suited for small to medium sized hydrogen sources and was developed with Green Hydrogen from Electrolyzers in mind.
The ADHES Team is committed to helping mining and refineries implement green solutions, and in an effort to do this, it has developed a patent pending Liquid Air Cryogenic chilling and Liquid Air Energy Storage solution. This work is being done in collaboration with a leading mining company in Europe.Some notable achievements of the company and its team:

  • ADHES has developed Solar Thermal renewable energy plants since its inception in 2001.
  • ADHES, in partnership with a leading Rail safety firm (Soteria Company), is working on several US and Canadian LRT projects looking to implement hydrogen technologies.
  • ADHES is working with one of the largest consulting organizations worldwide in an advisory capacity for Green mining and digitization.
  • ADHES has a depth of expertise in low temperature physics, advanced semiconductor electronics and superconductivity applications and has an innovative superconducting energy storage device is on its drawing board.
  • ADHES collaborates with leading universities and R&D companies in Canada, USA, Europe, and India.

Admira DHES is please to announce the following leadership team that represents expertise in innovation, cryogenics, hydrogen, safety engineering, project management and execution.

Enzo Cavaliere, P.Eng
Project Management, Communications,
Linda Drisdelle, P.Eng
Process Engineering,
Strategy, Customer Service
Sujit Sengupta, P.Eng
Safety, Innovation,
Process Engineering
Commodore Sujeet Samaddar, BE, PGDBM
Safety, Innovation,
Business Development


     email: [email protected]